To Everything there is a Season

Recently I’ve been dwelling on my current situation; dwelling on it so much that my heart hurt. The feeling of not knowing what is next for my life just sat in the pit of my stomach.

To everything there is a season. ~ Ecclesiastes 3

Before I was married, I was very active. In the sense I was working a really great job, finished my undergrad and of course involved in my church. I was living a very fast paced life.

To everything there is a season. ~ Ecclesiastes 3:6

“A time to gain”

After marriage, I was stuck at home…A LOT! I couldn’t get my license because I wasn’t a green card holder (still waiting for that green card). Every time the hubby would go to work, all I did was twiddled my thumbs the entire eight hours he was gone. It was hard. This change from having a fast paced life to it becoming VERY slow hit me really hard.

To everything there is a season. ~ Ecclesiastes 3:6

“A time to lose”

I felt trapped. I was far away from my family; dependent on others; being on one income; not being able to work until the green card arrives; not being able to leave the country because of my green card; not being able to drive. I felt stuck.

To everything there is a season. ~ Ecclesiastes 3:8

“A time to hate”

I decided to take my certification exam again for the third time so that once the green card does arrive I would be in ready shape to look for jobs. Well the results came in and I didn’t pass. I wept really hard.

To everything there is a season. ~ Ecclesiastes 3:4

“A time to weep”

I was very unsure of my current situation. I felt like a failure. I kept asking the Lord what are you trying to teach me? What is for me now? What is next?

The Lord says “To everything there is a season, A time for every purpose under heaven” ~ Ecclesiastes 3:1

I might be stuck at home without a license, without a green card, without a job, without my family but I do know that I am wife. And that is my season right at this moment.

My season right now is to care for my husband, be his support and encouragement when work is stressful for him, meet his needs and most of all pray for him. I am to be the wife the Lord has graciously set out for me.

I know things haven’t gone the way I’d hope they would, nonetheless, I know my Lord is watching over me, teaching me, and comforting me through this struggle of mine. He has big plans for me and I’m so excited for the next season He brings my way.

I have nothing to complain about because my Lord has been so gracious to my husband and I. He has given us a beautiful home, met all our needs, given us a wonderful and loving church family here in Augusta (who might I add have been my rock through times like these) and most of all He has given me His Son the Lord Jesus Christ whom my hope and faith is found in!! Amen!!

Just know that whatever season of life you are going through, the Lord will carry you through. His word never fails us friends!




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