Oh, Give Thanks!

The Hubby and I spent our first Thanksgiving in Florida; we were really excited to see our friends and family. However, the drive going there was brutal, we hit a ton of traffic and anyone who knows me knows that I fall asleep so easily while driving. Good thing I was able to help my hubby out and drive for at least 4 hours…whoot whoot!!

Road trips are the absolute best!! They make for great conversations and are SO MUCH better than flying places (I feel). This road trip marked our two months being married to each other which has been a wonderful two months. The hubby and I have been learning a lot about each other. I’m really thankful for my husband’s patience; It takes a lot to put up with me haha (I would know) but God has helped us grow in so many ways. This weekend was more than just giving thanks for each other and great company, it was for everything our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ did for us and is still doing. He is forever faithful!! Amen!!

Oh, give thanks to the Lord, for He is good!

For His mercy endures forever.
Oh, give thanks to the God of gods!
    For His mercy endures forever.
Oh, give thanks to the Lord of lords!
    For His mercy endures forever:

To Him who alone does great wonders,
    For His mercy endures forever ~Psalm 136

Florida is a nice place but I wouldn’t want to live there (sorry friends haha). It is TOO HOT there and I’m Canadian so the cold is what feels like home. Good thing Georgia is a mix of both!!! We got to hang out with our dear friends in Florida and we did quite a bit!! On Thanksgiving day the hubby and I helped our friends through a thanksgiving drive. We helped a church put food together and it was delivered to various parts of the South Florida neighborhood. Then we had a lot of Turkey & Ham ourselves in a relative’s home and our friends church (unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of that). It was sooo much food and our tummies were very much full haha.

The next day our friends took us to an Island; we got on this ferry and the coolest part was getting off the ferry and just putting our bare feet in the warm sand. We collected a lot of sea shells. Lunch was at a delicious burger place (Ford’s Garage) with a great garage feel to it!! The hubby took pictures of the men’s bathroom and it was quite creative the set up haha. In the evening we saw the new James Bond movie and I hate to admit it but it was pretty good (Jensen you win). Our final day in Florida consisted of going to a cousins wedding (one of the primary reasons we travelled to Florida). We drove out to Tampa and spent the day there celebrating the couple and making memories.

I know I rambled quickly about our road trip but the pictures below speak louder than my words!! Enjoy!


Thanksgiving Drive

Thanksgiving Drive with our Florida Friends 🙂


Trio 🙂


Who has a Christmas Tree right beside the Beach!!!!! Was not impressed LOL #getsomesnowflorida

thanksgiving meal

Borrowed this Picture!! Our Thanksgiving meal 🙂


Selfie Timeeee


Florida Family ❤




Lovebirds haha!


The Hubby ❤


Cruising to the Island!!


Pretty Seashell!!


Seashells on Seashells!!


Group Photo on the Island with the Gang ❤




The sink at the Restaurant


The Men’s Bathroom #creative


I did the Maid of Honor’s Makeup !!! #firsttime #beautiful


Their Married!!!!


Chick Magnet haha


Photobooth Fun!!!


Childish hehe


The Florida Gang ❤


The Morris Family

In the last two months Augusta has opened my heart to so many new things and new people. However, I really have to go in depth about a specific family that has widened my husband’s and I’s heart in so many ways.

The Morris Family. Paul, Jessica, Judah & Wesley.

This family has taken Ben and I under their wings and have encouraged us spiritually, physically, emotionally…it’s starting to sound like a husband and wife relationship no? haha. Well they’ve welcomed us with open arms and made us feel a part of their family without any hesitation. I am not joking about what I’m going to say next…we LITERALLY spend every day together (some way or another). The memories are endless with this family; it never ceases to amaze me how well we connect with them.

Paul and Jessica are not in any way shape or form old (haha); but they are however, the COOLEST, most CREATIVE, extremely LOVING, really HARD WORKING, & gracious SELFLESS GIVERS you will ever meet. I kid you not; they show Christ like love towards everyone around them and without hesitation will always lend a helping hand towards any family. I am in no way boasting about them but I am boasting about our Lord Jesus Christ in them. IT is because of His love that’s in this family’s heart which makes them a HUGE encouragement to Ben and I.

We always have a good time with the Morris Family; from exciting board games, to delicious dinners & desserts, to playing Lego, to playing with their new puppy Turk, to building a campfire, to late night conversations & spending time in prayer… I could go on but that would take many more pages than I’m ready to write haha. Let’s just say we never cease to laugh when all of us are together and that always makes my heart happy. Ben and I literally cannot go days without seeing Paul, Jess and the Boysies.

Who are the Boysies? Well they are my two favorite boys in the whole entire world haha (Don’t tell the Hubby). Judah and Wesley are a big part of our life since we moved out here. We feel so honored that they call us Uncle Ben and Aunty Brittany. We love pinching their cheeks, playing with them, having hilarious conversations & most of all, spoiling them.

Recently we had the opportunity to babysit the boys and have a sleep over with them so that their Mommy and Daddy could enjoy a date night. I have to say probably one of my favorite weekends with them!!! We took them to this really cool playground and spent almost an hour there climbing spider walls, spinning, and going down slides (Ben and I joined in on the fun too). Then we made our own Pizzas, played video games, watched movies, ate a ton of desserts, and went to Chuck-E-Cheese for the first time which they truly enjoyed!! You can see all the pictures below of our adventures from this weekend and earlier on.

The pictures can speak for themselves but I just have to say The Morris Family are a huge blessing to us; and we are so excited for many more memories to come. They’re our Family; so from my family to yours, wishing you all a Happy American Thanksgiving this week 🙂


Picked the boysies up!! Sleepover Timeee 🙂


On the Spider Web 🙂




Uncle Ben & Judah going down the slide!!




Silly Boys!!


Pizza Time 🙂


Judah’s Pizza 🙂


Wesley’s Pizza 🙂




Video Games !!




Pear Peacock !!




Sheep !! (Uncle Ben said it looked like a cloud -.- )




Love them ❤


Silly Face 😛








So many Tickets!!!! 🙂




King of the Tree!!!




Isn’t she a Beauty 🙂

squishing judah

Squishing Judah !!




True Photographer right there!!!! haha


The Men building the Campfire!!!




Love her ❤


My heart 🙂


Canadian Sisstaaaa 🙂


Happy Thanksgiving from My Family to yours ❤ #MorrisPuthukerils


Cooking 101

Since I moved out here to Augusta my family has been in deep shock that I cook…well somebody has to haha. However, my family knows me too well, I don’t enjoy cooking at all.  I never had an interest while living at home, didn’t care to learn about Indian dishes that my mom made; just wasn’t a fan as you can tell. My family always made the joke that I would be living off of sandwiches for the rest of my life. Well little did they know…I’m slowly proving them wrong.

Being married for a couple of months has taught me a few things but most of all it’s taught me that a man’s heart is through his stomach or at least I think that’s how the saying goes. Well long story short, I’m doing my best!! In these last two months, I’ve cooked pasta, learned to cook beef, made chicken breast, made homemade nachos, attempted a green bean casserole (proud to say it tasted very good), grilled salmon and peaches and have made tons and tons of salad.

I’ve even joked that once kids come in the picture I will not cook this fancy. However, I am glad to say I’ve enjoyed trying to cook new things and I’m thankful for a husband who enjoys them and eats every last bite even if it’s not his favorite.

I can also thank the Lord for his wonderful mercies in giving me the push (I needed) to feed my husband and I more than just sandwiches haha. If you want the ingredients to any of the dishes pictured below, comment and I will gladly send them your way!! (This doesn’t end the cooking adventures…more posts in the future so expect them)


Spicy Red Potatoes with Tangerines

green beans

Green Bean Casserole with Bacon, Almonds & Onion

chicken breast

Chicken Breast with Tomato Basil Rice and Pomegranate Salad


Grilled Salmon & Peaches


Grilled Salmon with Spicy Red Potatoes


Welcome Friends,

Many people have asked me to start up a blog to write about my adventures here in Augusta, Georgia. So I really thought about it and with a lot of encouragement from my husband and my friends I’m like hmmm sure why not. I am in no way a talented writer or have a way with words but with all my love will do my best to update you guys with my married life, American atmosphere, cooking, family & friends, traveling, most of all my Church home here and my Faith!!

You could ask anyone but I was finding it very difficult to create a name for this blog; I truly wanted something significant. I wanted this blog to truly reflect the countless blessings God has given me. My heart has this growing longing to be filled only with what God has for me; of course I have dreams and wants but I would never compromise to get just that. To live life to the fullest means for me to live a life that is overflowing with Christ.

“My Cup Runneth Over” is from Psalm 23, it is one of my favorite Psalm in the Bible. To me this line reflected my life over the last several years and continues to do so. Day after Day I see that my cup (aka life) is overflowing with God’s love and goodness; my cup is never just filled to the top. This is the inspiration for this blog and I hope you enjoy reading it just as much as I enjoy sharing it.

Side Note…

Just a quick recap on the last few months and for those of you who don’t know me; my name is Brittany and I am 23 Years old. I am a lover of Sushi and Sports. I got married to an amazing man named Benjamin and we have been married for almost two months now. I was born and raised in Canada and my husband in Dallas, Texas. Where does Augusta, Georgia come in all of this? Well my Husband’s company in Dallas wasn’t doing very well and unfortunately many people got laid off/ transferred (including my hubby). With a lot of prayer and direction, God opened up an opportunity for Ben to transfer work to Augusta, Georgia. It was absolutely one of the best decisions God had laid at our feet. We are so happy to start our married life here and I am so excited to share with you our adventures and the people we meet along the way.

Well this ends my first post, stay tuned for more and if you have any questions, comments or prayer requests be sure to email me (brittanyputhukeril@gmail.com)!! I would love to hear from you and most of all pray for you.