Sweet Words

“Alright sweetheart I need you to say the word fish” 


“No sweetie, f f fish” 


“Let’s try this one more time, make the ffff sound with your tongue… fff fish” 


 As I keep trying, with much frustration she says “Miss John, just let me do it my way. It works” 

 I couldn’t help but admire her cuteness, she is in kindergarten of course and still has a long way in enunciating her letter sounds and words, however, she reminded me so much  of myself. 

 Two months ago I started a job as a Speech Teacher. I work primarily with children who have speech impediments and behavioral challenges. This kind of job doesn’t always get enough credit, so for all the teachers and homeschool parents out there, y’all are seriously amazing for what you do. It takes a lot of commitment, hard work and most of all love to reach out and give our kids the best education they deserve and need.  

 My speech kids are my babies, I’ve grown a huge attachment to them. It’s frustrating most days because they bring their struggles to school, in the form of neglect and abuse. They are in desperate need of love from their school because they don’t always get it from home. It breaks my heart every time. 

 Every day, I’m so reminded of the love my Father in Heaven has for me. He sacrificed SO much so that we can have a relationship with Him, a bond that would never break if we believed and accepted Him.  

 I look at my speech kids and I see it in their eyes everyday that they just want someone to believe  and accept them. They always need reassurance that someone loves and cares for them. How can I show it? I ask myself all the time. I feel like I need to take matters into my own hands like my kindergarten girl but really God is teaching me that I just need to love them just like He loves me.  

 He reminds me of this everyday. 

 Brittany listen and be there for them just like I have and always will when you come to me in prayer. Brittany give them a hug and constant encouragement just like my words in the Bible bring comfort to your heart and soul. Brittany challenge and push them to their academic limit just like I push and test you in ways you can’t possibly imagine. But most of all Brittany don’t give up on them because I will never give up on you.  

 With Thanksgiving approaching I am ever so grateful to my Savior for loving me the way He does. We are His children and we are His Kingdom.  

 “…Jesus said “Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid it, for such is the kingdom of God” ~ Luke 18:16 

 So friends, don’t stop loving on others, don’t give up on the lost or the hopeless. I truly was once lost but now I’m found in the eyes of my Savior. He has never and will never stop loving you or me. What a comforting thought, may His name be forever glorified.  

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