2016!! God will carry us through…

Let me ask you this question: Have you ever doubted God’s Word, God’s Character, His love, His care, His goodness; and considered that you might be better off running your own life instead of waiting on a God you can’t see?

 I have plenty of times; it’s called Sin.

Sin loves taking over our thoughts, our emotions, or desires and enjoys twisting them in ways that can forever rot our lives into a place filled with loneliness and darkness.

But you know what the amazing thing is that no matter how deep that darkness is, no matter how far Sin has entangled us, we have a way out. The way out is through Jesus Christ. He has taken any Sin and I mean any and every Sin and has washed it clean, white as snow. Like WOW, isn’t that amazing?

Any and every Sin you may ask…yup!! Every Sin is equal in God’s eyes. Sin is Sin, no matter if it’s cheating on a test or committing murder, Sin is Sin.

We might not see God right now but He’s there; listening, watching, caring, guiding, most of all loving. But one day and I mean soon we will see him face to face. I say that with so much Faith, the word of God is filled with promises, hope, comfort and much more Salvation.

A friend told me…” Brittany if everything in our lives happened realistically, like getting married at 24 or having children a couple years after marriage, or go to this university by the time I get my high school diploma…we would NEVER have faith in a God who knows what we need when we need it”

This 2014/2015 year I got engaged before I even graduated from University; not what I expected. I got a full time Job in the midst of planning a wedding; not what I expected. I planned and prepared for a Church Ministry through all of that which is something I had not expected. After the wedding the plan was to move to Dallas, however due to my Husband’s Job situation we moved to Georgia instead; again not what I had expected.

What is the common denominator? Everything was not what I had expected; I of course had different ideas on how everything would play out but the amount of Faith I had to put in as every one of those instances happened with a lot of fear, doubt and most of all lack of confidence. I feared people were judging me; am I supposed to please people or my God? Nevertheless, I could see God’s love, care and guidance shining through each of those plans and molding me into the person He created me to be.

I graduated with a degree; My God is faithful. I found a Godly Man; My God is faithful. I was able to pay off some wedding expenses with the full time job I had; My God is faithful. I got to lead one my favorite ministries at Church (Vacation Bible School) despite the amount of work already on my shoulder; My God is faithful. Even when my Husband’s future company went down the Lord opened up another job opportunity for him; My God is faithful. If my husband and I had not moved to Augusta, Georgia we would not have met a wonderful Church here with all the amazing people who we have grown to love and serve with; My God is faithful.

What is the common denominator? Well it’s that My God is faithful, and yes most definitely he is my friends. Don’t doubt His love, His care, His goodness. He created you in His image. Surrender your heart to Him and He WILL make you whole. This is my desire and prayer for 2016; to not worry or fear of the unknown but take full comfort that my God knows my needs and will give everything at the right time and according to his purpose.

1 Peter 5: 6-7 ~ Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time. Cast all your anxiety on him for he cares for you.

Happy New Year Friends ❤ 

Canadians in Augusta

This past weekend my family from Canada was able to come up and spend Christmas with the hubby and I. I hadn’t seen them since our wedding which is about 3 months; so I was really excited that they were able to come and spend time with us.

The first night they arrived it was not only nice that they brought goodies for us but that we could just spend time in conversation catching up. I’ve always had a good relationship with my parents, I love being open with them and in return they always give good godly advice. My brother was on his Christmas break too so it was nice that he came down too. Funny thing he has the same name as my hubby so throughout the weekend I kept accidently calling him babe haha. It was quite funny.

Christmas Day was a lot of fun, we spent the morning opening presents and with our best friends having nerf gun wars and yummy gluten free cinnamon buns. Then the rest of the afternoon/evening we spent hanging out and cooking our first Christmas meal. My dad helped with the Ham, but I made a really yummy cornbread recipe (Thanks Jerlin!!), I also made a sweet potato casserole and a pomegranate salad. Everything turned out well!!! (Check out pictures below).

So the highlight of our parent’s visit was surprising them to a cabin up in North Georgia (Blue Ridge Mountains). We spent two nights there, cooked our meals and enjoyed the outdoorsy vibe. It was raining most of the time but we made use of it by playing lots of pool, relaxing in the hot tub, playing air soft in the rain, and we managed to make a campfire for one evening which was fun. (Check out pictures below).

Overall it was a great time and I can’t wait for their next visit. However, I’m most excited to go back to Canada and visit all my family and friends but that will have to be on hold for awhile (Still Awaiting Green Card Status; will save that story for another blog post).

Anywhoo check out some of the pictures of my Canadians in Augusta; and sorry for not blogging sooner…hopefully 2016 will be more consistent. Love you guys and Happy New Year ❤

Christmas Caroling Gathering

Recently my home church here in Augusta went Christmas Caroling to a couple of our church members’ homes. This was a first for the hubby and I; we really enjoyed ourselves. The feeling of being immersed in fellowship with a family of believers is quite a tremendous blessing and a HUGE encouragement. The Hubby and I are still in awe of how God brought us to Augusta and how everything just fell into place. God has been sooo good to us and faithful in knowing what we need at the right time.

This week’s photo challenge is all about ‘Gathering’, so my pictures are variety of young and old together being a part of this Caroling experience and spreading the love of Christ to those around us. It was great seeing the young ones participate; children are a blessing from above and it was encouraging for me to see how much they love singing for our wonderful savior.

Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Gathering

Christmas Caroling

MBC Family Caroling Together 🙂

Caroling Music

Caroling Songs!!

Our Caroling Leader

Our Caroling Leader 🙂

Mr & Mrs. Burdette

Heartwarming Love 🙂

Cutie Aidyn

Aidyn ❤

Ed Corley

Mr Corley & his lovely wife 🙂

Daniel the reindeer

Daniel ❤

Christmas Food

Gathering for yummy food!!

Emily's Boys

Sibling love hehe

Three Muskateers

Beautiful Trio ❤

My Colorful Oops!

The hubby surprised me with a really awesome gift for my birthday…a beautiful Nikon D3300 camera. I could not stop smiling because I’ve always had an interest in photography and now that I have a TON of free time on my hands it will keep me busy and learn the ins and outs of photography.

Most people know that I love taking pictures and post quite frequently but what I really want to do is capture moments for other people. I want to see through my lens their joy, their happiness, what makes them unique and maybe even share the gospel through my pictures!!

Since I have a lot of free time (and being stuck at the apartment is driving me a little bonkers haha) I decided to look around to see what kind of photography challenges I can participate in (since I am a beginner at this).

So I came across ‘The Daily Post’, they put on a weekly Photography challenge for anyone to take part in; so their challenge for this week is:

“Share a Photographic “Oops!” moment with us. The fiasco could be what’s in the picture: anything broken, jumbled, or otherwise cringe-worthy (ugly sweaters are encouraged!). Or it could be something in the photo-taking itself, from the tip of your finger ruining a meticulously framed panorama to an inopportune shadow messing up a family portrait. Go funny, or serious, or a mixture of both”

Daily Post ~ Photography Weekly Challenge

 Well my “Oops” moment happened here in our apartment…recently I posted about a really cool Lego project that my hubby and I created. For that project we had to do a lot of spray painting. We have a small outside porch that we made use to do our spray painting and once I cleared out all the garbage bags and boxes that were out there this was the present that was left for us. The hubby laughs as he says “We are not getting our deposit back” haha.


My Colorful Oops!!

I would love to hear/see your Oops moment of the week!!! Anyways, can’t wait for the next challenge 🙂

“Everything is Awesome”

I am sooo excited to share this new post with you!!! At least a month ago our closest friends brought to our attention an opportunity to create something for their two boys. Of course without any hesitation the hubby and I said YES haha; we love those two boys with all our heart.

The backstory: Our Church (Martinez Bible Chapel) has Awana for their kids every Wednesday night. So for the last few weeks the church has been collecting toys to donate to the “Toys for Tots” Charity. It has been a great initiative. So this coming Wednesday night is the last night for Awana before the Christmas Holidays, so the kids were asked to dress up as their favorite toy to support this great initiative that the Church is doing.

Sooooo here is the best part…you know that great opportunity to create something?? Well we decided to create costumes for our two favorite boys Judah and Wesley. These boys love Legos; it is their absolute favorite toys. Discretely we asked the boys if they were to be any Lego character which one would they be? Judah said “Superman Lego” and Wesley said “Hulk Lego”.  🙂

The engineer and the recreation therapist (that’s us haha) put our heads together and made a trip out to Lowes/Wal-Mart to grab materials.

We grabbed:

  • Four Large Cardboard Boxes
  • 2 Buckets
  • Package of White Foam/Sponge
  • 2 Yellow Spray Paints
  • 2 Blue Spray Paints
  • 3 Green Spray Paints
  • Red Felt
  • Hot Glue Gun with Glue Sticks
  • Colored Construction Paper

We didn’t have to get too many items because we had quite a bit at the house already. But if you don’t have these items (Stapler, X-Acto knife, Double sided tape & scissors) you will have to get those as well!!

Alright, now let’s get to the good part!!!! Pictures of the entire process!!! I documented everything so hope you guys love it!!! I am so proud of our masterpiece and we are so excited to surprise the boys with them!!!! 🙂 (Eventually we did surprise the boys and they LOVED their costumes…they even sang the Lego Movie Song “Everything is Awesome” ~ See Video Link below)

If you want to know how we went about doing each step don’t hesitate to Msg me and I will gladly help out!! You can definitely hire us for your future costume needs haha!!! (the hubby might not appreciate that last comment haha)

lego inspiration

Our inspiration for the Superman Lego Costume 🙂

lego inspiration2

Our inspiration for the Hulk Lego Costume 🙂

superman symbol

My Superman Symbol!!!

my hulk face

My Hulk Face Grrrrrrrrr

egineer hard at work

The engineer hard at work 🙂

meausring the body

Putting the body together!!

spray paint

The Spray Paint!!!

spray painting buckets

Lego heads being painted!!! Our whole porch is now green haha

circle head

Cut a circle for the head!!!

time to paint 2

Hulk Frame

time to paint

Superman Frame

my hulk face complete

My Hulk Head 🙂

lego heads final

My Superman Head 🙂

our friend mimi goofing off with the lego head

Oh silly Mimi haha

painted bodiesssss

Spray Painting the Lego Body!!! 🙂

getting the cape on

Superman needs his belt !!

final loooook

Putting the accessories on !!


Cape Timeeeeee


I seeeee youuuuu

making muscles on hulk

Hulk Muscles hehe

hes glowing

He’s glowinggggg

lego handssssss

Legooo Hands!!!

lego hands final

Framework Lego Hands

hulk hands

Spray Painting Hulk Hands 🙂

superman hands

Spray Painting Superman Hands!!! (We were totally high off of fumes)


wesssyyy hulk


judahhhh superman


attack aunty brittany

Attack Aunt Brittany!!!!!

love these boys

We enjoyed doing this for our two favorite boys!!! ❤

they look awesome

“Everything is Awesome”


Growing up in an Indian home I never had a Christmas Tree; not that it was considered a bad thing but my parents never grew up with one so neither did my brother and I. There were times I really wanted one and I bugged my parents a lot about it but it wasn’t something my parents wanted me to focus on. Which they are absolutely right; Christmas has a bigger meaning more than just a decorative tree. The “reason for this season” is Jesus Christ.

Isaiah 9:6 says “For unto us a Child is born, unto us a Son is given; And the government will be upon His shoulder. And His name will be called Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.

Little did we know that this Child who was born would take away the Sin of the World. Jesus loves us SO MUCH that he was willing to die on the Cross for each and every one of us. He washed us white as snow. Amen!! 🙂 bible verseThe Hubby and I decided to get a tree for our apartment because our place is completely bland; no pictures at all (Shocker huh since I’m huge on Pictures). That will change soon once my parents come to visit in December and bring all my photos haha. Anywhoo with the set up of our tree we had a lot of help and guidance from a friend (Thanks Jordan!!); which we were super grateful for seeing as this was our first tree. After the setup I could not stop staring, the tree was glowing and it was something special for the both of us to put together. (See Pictures below)

Another first for both the hubby and I is we recently attended a Christmas Party with fellow believers and children. It was tooo exciting that both of us decided to go out and get some ugly Christmas sweaters just to join in on the fun. We instantly found my sweater but it was a growing process to find the hubby’s (See Pictures below). Let me know your favorite or even share some of your ugly Christmas sweater collection; I would love to see.

my sweater

My Sweater 🙂

Sweater Option 1

Option #1

Option 2

Option #2 (haha we weren’t planning on getting this one)

Option 3

Options #3

Winner Winner Sweater

Winner Winner 🙂

the grinch and i

The hubby and I ❤

Back to the party haha…IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!!! Laughter and Smiles all throughout the night, played some hilarious games (I’ll try and put up some videos).

my boys

My Boys ❤


Someone is on the Naughty List haha

silly face

Silly Face ❤

My heart

Love them ❤



autumn and i

angry rodolph

Angry Rudolph haha

face off

Face Off!!!

minute to win it

Youtube Link Attached below!!!

My Special Friend

My Special Friend ❤


Family ❤

Here’s a couple of Youtube Links of the Games we played at the party!! Enjoy watching haha 🙂

If you want a step by step on how the party was and notes on how to make it fun here’s a link to my special friend’s blog post (and the hostess of the party) (Go Follow her).


Well that’s it folks….Have a Merry Christmas and remember the real reason for this season; Jesus 🙂

Tis the Season to be Jolly….Fa La La La…La La La La


Recently, I have been reading a book that was given to us as a wedding gift from our dear friends. It’s called “Love & Respect” (The Love She most desires; The Respect He desperately needs).


I’ve been married for two months now and in no way am I an expert at it. I don’t think anyone is no matter how long you’ve been married. However, there is one important thing I’ve realized is how much I need to Respect my Husband. Many of you think I’m usually a happy person and that I’ve got a sweet personality. Truth is I’m not all that; I can be very loud, very rude, very bossy, very inpatient and the list goes on. But really the truth is I’m a Sinner. Being married comes with a lot of Sacrifice, Hard work, Commitment, Love & most of all Respect. God has designed both Man to love their wives and Woman to respect their Husbands.

As wives we have no trouble understanding the meaning of unconditional love but do we know the meaning of unconditional respect. We are wired to desire love and yearn for it the most through our husbands. However, what we fail to do is really yearn to know the deepest desires of our husband’s heart which is respect.

1 Peter 2:17-18 says “Show proper respect to everyone, love the family of believers, fear God, honor the emperor. Servants, be submissive to your masters with all fear, not only to the good and gentle, but also to the harsh.”

The Bible teaches us this and we ought to show through our words and actions the respect our Husbands need. When unconditional respect is shown there also the unconditional love is given. The book I’m reading displayed attitudes we as wives should NOT have…

“How can I show respect for him when he comes across as so unloving?”

“He doesn’t deserve respect; he has hurt me…”

“I love him, but I get so frustrated and angry I don’t want to respect him…”

“Love is what matters. If he loved me as I need to be loved, maybe I would have stronger feelings of respect…”

As a newly wife I can say that I am a selfish person. I always want my needs to be met first. We are all wired like that. However, is that the Godly way of living in a marriage. It most certainly is not. I love and admire my husband dearly but when we expect each other to do certain things we start becoming a HUGE disappointment in each others hearts rather than ALWAYS loving and respecting no matter the circumstances.

The Book I’m reading puts it nicely this way…

“When he honors her as first in importance and she respects him at first among equals, their marriage works. When he expects her to look up to him yet puts her down, he deflates her. When he feels she is trying to be a bossy queen, he cannot detect her real heart. When she expects him to protect her but then accuses him of being too fatherly or condescending, she deflates him. When she feels he is trying to be “more than equal” or greater, she cannot detect his real heart”

I’m still learning and I know that I will always be learning how to detect my husbands real heart. Our loving nature as wives is always to care for our husbands, pray for our husbands, put their needs first and most of all respect them.

I respect my husband for all that he does. Right now we are living off of one income. I’m a Canadian Citizen trying to get my green card here in the states so that I’m able to work and serve in the way God wants me too. My husband works a good job, he is part of a ministry called “Come Awake”, he is starting to serve in our local assembly, he is a good friend to those around him and most of all he is a loving husband to me. It can be quite overwhelming for him but the thing is I don’t respect him enough and that Is something I need to change today itself. I need to detect my husband’s real heart.

1 Peter 3:5-6 says “For in this manner, in former times, the holy women who trusted in God also adorned themselves, being submissive to their own husbands, as Sarah obeyed Abraham, calling him Lord, whose daughters you are, do what is right and do not give way to fear”

Make sure Christ is the center of your marriage; without Him your love and respect will deflate completely ultimately destroying your marriage. Most times we forget but don’t forget the love our Savior has given us, the countless blessings He has provided for us. Respecting our Husbands’ bring honor to God; He is our head and we are his treasure.

I hope your encouraged by my thoughts and I would love to hear from you married ladies all the reasons in which you respect your husbands’. I’m newly married so any godly advice for me will be graciously accepted. Love y’all ❤