The Puthukeril Home!!

There is good news in the Puthukeril Home!! The hubby and I bought our first house and the best part, it’s in Georgia!! I would have never pictured my life at this point but God has been SOOO GRACIOUS to us and I couldn’t be more joyful.

Renting an apartment has been expensive for us, therefore, we decided to invest our money into a house and it has been a stressful and joyful journey looking for the right house! So here are a few tips:

  1. Do your research – You cannot expect the right house to come to you, look around and ask around. It is a blessing to have family and church family know a thing or two about homes haha. They encouraged us in the right direction.
  1. Get a Realtor – A great realtor was recommended to us which was a HUGE blessing, their knowledge of the surrounding neighborhoods and housing market was a big relief for our minds.
  1. Budget, Budget, & Budget – When buying a home, you will need a good amount of money in the bank to put down as a deposit. Budgeting period is important but really cut down on unnecessary expenses. You never want to be in debt.
  1. Take your time – You never want to rush the process of finding the perfect home for you and your family. I know it can get stressful and frustrating but the right home will reveal itself to you. The hubby and I thought we found our perfect home within the first week of looking and who were we kidding. God clearly closed that door and I’m glad he did because we got something totally better. Take your time and look at every house possible, you never know what’s out there and what you may like.
  1. PRAY – The hubby and I couldn’t have made our decision without prayer. God is the center of our relationship and every decision. When we surrendered this important life changing decision in His hands, He is faithful, loving and most of all provides! We are so thrilled He found the perfect home for us and can’t wait to move in!!

There are probably more tips but these are just a few that have been super helpful in our experience in finding a home. We want our home to be a place where people feel welcome and that will glorify our Father in Heaven. So when you get the chance, come visit hehe!

Our door is finally open 🙂


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