Sweet Words

“Alright sweetheart I need you to say the word fish” 


“No sweetie, f f fish” 


“Let’s try this one more time, make the ffff sound with your tongue… fff fish” 


 As I keep trying, with much frustration she says “Miss John, just let me do it my way. It works” 

 I couldn’t help but admire her cuteness, she is in kindergarten of course and still has a long way in enunciating her letter sounds and words, however, she reminded me so much  of myself. 

 Two months ago I started a job as a Speech Teacher. I work primarily with children who have speech impediments and behavioral challenges. This kind of job doesn’t always get enough credit, so for all the teachers and homeschool parents out there, y’all are seriously amazing for what you do. It takes a lot of commitment, hard work and most of all love to reach out and give our kids the best education they deserve and need.  

 My speech kids are my babies, I’ve grown a huge attachment to them. It’s frustrating most days because they bring their struggles to school, in the form of neglect and abuse. They are in desperate need of love from their school because they don’t always get it from home. It breaks my heart every time. 

 Every day, I’m so reminded of the love my Father in Heaven has for me. He sacrificed SO much so that we can have a relationship with Him, a bond that would never break if we believed and accepted Him.  

 I look at my speech kids and I see it in their eyes everyday that they just want someone to believe  and accept them. They always need reassurance that someone loves and cares for them. How can I show it? I ask myself all the time. I feel like I need to take matters into my own hands like my kindergarten girl but really God is teaching me that I just need to love them just like He loves me.  

 He reminds me of this everyday. 

 Brittany listen and be there for them just like I have and always will when you come to me in prayer. Brittany give them a hug and constant encouragement just like my words in the Bible bring comfort to your heart and soul. Brittany challenge and push them to their academic limit just like I push and test you in ways you can’t possibly imagine. But most of all Brittany don’t give up on them because I will never give up on you.  

 With Thanksgiving approaching I am ever so grateful to my Savior for loving me the way He does. We are His children and we are His Kingdom.  

 “…Jesus said “Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid it, for such is the kingdom of God” ~ Luke 18:16 

 So friends, don’t stop loving on others, don’t give up on the lost or the hopeless. I truly was once lost but now I’m found in the eyes of my Savior. He has never and will never stop loving you or me. What a comforting thought, may His name be forever glorified.  

Less of me, more of YOU God!

I really struggled to wake up this morning and the attitude that became of me was bitterness. I wanted to sleep some more and our new puppy kept howling throughout the night so I didn’t have a restful sleep, I was bitter. The hubby told me to take him out for a walk; “he’s so energetic it will be good for him”. I was bitter again and said “what about me? I need the extra sleep”. It was a me me me attitude this morning and boy I was sure not looking hot in the eyes of my husband and especially the eyes of my God. 

So what did I do? I forced myself up and took our puppy for a walk, I muttered some more bitterness under my breath as I was walking around the neighborhood. Good thing no one was around or I would have looked like a fool talking to myself as I’m forcefully dragging my puppy along the sidewalk. As soon as I got back to the house I just took a deep breath and went inside. I knew instantly I needed to be in the presence of my God or this day will be a victory for Satan. 

I open up my Bible and my reading for today was on Luke 10:38-42

“Now it happened as they went that He entered a certain village; and a certain woman named Martha welcomed Him into her house. And she had a sister called Mary, who also sat at Jesus’ feet and heard His word. But Martha was distracted with much serving, and she approached Him and said, “Lord, do You not care that my sister has left me to serve alone? Therefore tell her to help me.”

And Jesus answered and said to her, “Martha, Martha, you are worried and troubled about many things. But one thing is needed, and Mary has chosen that good part, which will not be taken away from her.”

Most of you know the story of Mary and Martha; two sisters who welcomed Jesus into their home. Mary was eager and sat with Jesus while Martha was so distracted with serving and making sure everything was perfect for Jesus.

Oh man if I had a sister that didn’t help me with serving and left me alone, I would be bitter. As soon as I read this passage I was like wow “I’m a Martha”. There are so many instances in my life where I worried about all my worldly issues, ran around to make sure things were perfect for a certain occasion or selfishly acted out in bitterness because I was doing all the work and no one was helping me. 

But this passage was HUGE eye opener for me. Jesus says to Martha “why are you worried and troubled of many things, but for the one thing needed Mary has chosen a good part, which will not be taken away from her”

How many of us are so excited for our quiet time? To just kneel before our maker, read His word and really quiet our hearts to listen to what He has to say. I know I’m not excited as I should be. Mary chose to sit before Jesus and listen to Him. She had an attitude of worship and meditation, listening with an open mind and having a heart for Jesus’ words. Isn’t that amazing? And the best part is, that time alone with Him will NEVER be taken away from her. That is the beauty of our relationship with Christ and something I am so thankful for daily because I am alive in Him. 

Do we have that attitude daily? If Jesus were to come into my home right now I would be Martha, scrambling to make a great meal and making sure He was absolutely comfortable. But all He wants is for me to stop what I’m doing, stop all the noise inside my head and just quiet my heart before Him, kneel before Him. With all excitement and eagerness and humility in my heart receive His word with an openness that cooking a meal or making Him feel comfortable would never fulfill. 

Friends, we need to be more like Mary and less like Martha. We need to “Be Still and know that HE IS GOD”. He will take care of all our needs and cast away our worries, bitterness and frustrations if we come to Him. Our prayer should be “less of me, more of you God”! 

Have a blessed day y’all!! 🙂 

Happy 4th of July!!

A new fury addition is joining the Puthukeril home and his name is Toby!!! This Puppy has been such a sweetheart, all he wants is cuddles and kisses!! We are so excited to have this new responsibility; any tips would be REALLY helpful haha!!

On a side note…

This past week has truly been amazing!! Road trip with the Hubby, leading VBS at the IBF Conference, making new and reuniting old friends at this conference, gaining approval for my green card, & this precious puppy who came to us as a gift!!

Feeling really thankful for the Lord’s blessings and the freedom we have in Him!! Enjoy the 4th, the fireworks & be safe friends.


To Everything there is a Season

Recently I’ve been dwelling on my current situation; dwelling on it so much that my heart hurt. The feeling of not knowing what is next for my life just sat in the pit of my stomach.

To everything there is a season. ~ Ecclesiastes 3

Before I was married, I was very active. In the sense I was working a really great job, finished my undergrad and of course involved in my church. I was living a very fast paced life.

To everything there is a season. ~ Ecclesiastes 3:6

“A time to gain”

After marriage, I was stuck at home…A LOT! I couldn’t get my license because I wasn’t a green card holder (still waiting for that green card). Every time the hubby would go to work, all I did was twiddled my thumbs the entire eight hours he was gone. It was hard. This change from having a fast paced life to it becoming VERY slow hit me really hard.

To everything there is a season. ~ Ecclesiastes 3:6

“A time to lose”

I felt trapped. I was far away from my family; dependent on others; being on one income; not being able to work until the green card arrives; not being able to leave the country because of my green card; not being able to drive. I felt stuck.

To everything there is a season. ~ Ecclesiastes 3:8

“A time to hate”

I decided to take my certification exam again for the third time so that once the green card does arrive I would be in ready shape to look for jobs. Well the results came in and I didn’t pass. I wept really hard.

To everything there is a season. ~ Ecclesiastes 3:4

“A time to weep”

I was very unsure of my current situation. I felt like a failure. I kept asking the Lord what are you trying to teach me? What is for me now? What is next?

The Lord says “To everything there is a season, A time for every purpose under heaven” ~ Ecclesiastes 3:1

I might be stuck at home without a license, without a green card, without a job, without my family but I do know that I am wife. And that is my season right at this moment.

My season right now is to care for my husband, be his support and encouragement when work is stressful for him, meet his needs and most of all pray for him. I am to be the wife the Lord has graciously set out for me.

I know things haven’t gone the way I’d hope they would, nonetheless, I know my Lord is watching over me, teaching me, and comforting me through this struggle of mine. He has big plans for me and I’m so excited for the next season He brings my way.

I have nothing to complain about because my Lord has been so gracious to my husband and I. He has given us a beautiful home, met all our needs, given us a wonderful and loving church family here in Augusta (who might I add have been my rock through times like these) and most of all He has given me His Son the Lord Jesus Christ whom my hope and faith is found in!! Amen!!

Just know that whatever season of life you are going through, the Lord will carry you through. His word never fails us friends!




The Puthukeril Home!!

There is good news in the Puthukeril Home!! The hubby and I bought our first house and the best part, it’s in Georgia!! I would have never pictured my life at this point but God has been SOOO GRACIOUS to us and I couldn’t be more joyful.

Renting an apartment has been expensive for us, therefore, we decided to invest our money into a house and it has been a stressful and joyful journey looking for the right house! So here are a few tips:

  1. Do your research – You cannot expect the right house to come to you, look around and ask around. It is a blessing to have family and church family know a thing or two about homes haha. They encouraged us in the right direction.
  1. Get a Realtor – A great realtor was recommended to us which was a HUGE blessing, their knowledge of the surrounding neighborhoods and housing market was a big relief for our minds.
  1. Budget, Budget, & Budget – When buying a home, you will need a good amount of money in the bank to put down as a deposit. Budgeting period is important but really cut down on unnecessary expenses. You never want to be in debt.
  1. Take your time – You never want to rush the process of finding the perfect home for you and your family. I know it can get stressful and frustrating but the right home will reveal itself to you. The hubby and I thought we found our perfect home within the first week of looking and who were we kidding. God clearly closed that door and I’m glad he did because we got something totally better. Take your time and look at every house possible, you never know what’s out there and what you may like.
  1. PRAY – The hubby and I couldn’t have made our decision without prayer. God is the center of our relationship and every decision. When we surrendered this important life changing decision in His hands, He is faithful, loving and most of all provides! We are so thrilled He found the perfect home for us and can’t wait to move in!!

There are probably more tips but these are just a few that have been super helpful in our experience in finding a home. We want our home to be a place where people feel welcome and that will glorify our Father in Heaven. So when you get the chance, come visit hehe!

Our door is finally open 🙂


Dear Friends,

Dear Friends,

I’ve been praying for a very long time for God to open up a way to reach your hearts with what I’m about to say. I hope you are encouraged with this letter I am writing to you. I want to share with you a gift that is free and so eagerly wanting to be at your front porch. But first I have to ask you a very important question.

Are you going to Heaven?

You might be like where does this girl think she has the nerve to ask such a question. But let me tell you this; with all honesty, truth and most of all love the only way we are going to Heaven is through Jesus Christ. This is the truth.

Now you might be thinking where does this girl think she has the nerve to say her religion or belief is better than what I believe in.

I’m not writing this letter to offend anyone or say my religion is better because friends, Christianity is not a religion; it’s a relationship with God. A relationship that we all NEED to seek.

John 3:16 ~ “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

I care about each of you and love you deeply; if I never told you about this gift my heart would break. I want my loved ones to go to Heaven and not Hell. Everyone deserves the chance to freely come to Him, to believe in Him. God loves us so much that He sent His Son Jesus to die on the Cross for each and every one of you. He forgave all our sins. He wants to give you everlasting life. That is His promise to us if you follow him.

Life as a Christian isn’t always going to be roses and daisy’s but I know with all my heart He is with me every step of the way. He guides me; protects me; disciplines me; picks me up when I fall and make mistakes; forgives me every time when I come to Him and repent; most of all treasures me with an everlasting love that I can’t shake. Makes me feel very unworthy huh, but that’s how much He cares friends.

I was 17 years old when I got baptized. Baptism is the only way of declaring my faith. By going into that water I’m showing that my old self is gone, that it is being buried and by coming out of the water it’s showing Jesus’s resurrection. The best part is that now His spirit lives in me, I have a new life. That cannot be shaken.

Romans 10:9 ~ “if you confess with your mouth Jesus as Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved”

Being a follower of Jesus is a beautiful journey to be on. His word (The Bible) teaches us so much about Him and about our purpose and calling. We are to spread the good news of Jesus and what He has done in our life. This is why I’m writing this letter to you; I would be very selfish to keep it all to myself.

You might not believe in Jesus, or you’re an atheist or you believe in another religion entirely. But please hear me out, what I’m saying is truth and I say it with love. If I lose friends because of what I’ve said, then I’m sorry. I’ll still be praying for you and this journey of life you are on and hope that soon you will see His love and how much He wants to live in your heart.

We have all gone through periods of life when we’ve thought, this can’t be all there is. You feel trapped in meaningless routine and everything in you knows you were created for more. Life might be fun and relationships might be good, but you know something deeper is missing. You sense that you were created for more. You want to experience a deeper communion with God where the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit is flowing through you undeniably. You want to touch God rather than merely talk about Him” ~ Francis & Lisa Chan

This is my mission; to bring you into His kingdom. There is nothing like it, and there is no other way to get it.

God is coming soon, that is His promise to us. He will take all his believers to Heaven. Are you ready? Do you want this free gift?

As Christians, we should be the most disciplined, eager focused, loving people around. The mission is worth the training, the sacrifice, the pain. If we have one goal in mind, we will be willing to lay down our lives, and be ready to forsake everything for the mission that Christ calls us to.

Believers, if you are reading this, please do share. I know we all have friends and loved ones that we want to see come to Him, however, their hearts are hardened or they just don’t care. Remember our calling. We are not ashamed of the Gospel. Spread the good news. All glory to Him to what He has done and what He’s going to do.

Always Rejoicing,




Born and raised as a city girl you tend to stick to the city ways, however, coming to Augusta, Georgia it changed all that. My city environment has been now changed to barren lands, forests, farms with animals, open roads, deer accidents etc. The country is the last place my hubby and I would ever think to live; but in the last several months we have grown to love the beauty that God has presented to us over here.

In youth group we are studying about God’s creation. I don’t know about you but I tend to skim through the book of Genesis because growing up in Sunday School we learned the basic order of creation (It just stuck in our heads). However, now as adults we have the opportunity to really read through the book of Genesis, study it, dig into it and most of all praise God for it. I never praised God enough for HIS beautiful creation we get to enjoy now.

Psalm 33:5 ~ “…The earth is full of the goodness of the Lord”

So here is the ALMOST best part haha. Last night I was SOOO CLOSE to witnessing a birth of an animal. A baby goat. You might be laughing because most people who know me would know that I would NOT touch a goat, let alone stand by it while it gives birth to her babies. (But anywhooo, couple hours before I was planning to visit, the goat gave birth to TRIPLETS!!! 🙂

I was very disappointed in missing the birth; but I just have to say that the few moments we spent with the triplets was a beautiful experience.

God is a very detailed; He thinks of absolutely everything because His creation is so precious to Him. God created everything with a purpose to serve good.

Genesis 1:25 ~ “And God made the beast of the earth according to its kind, cattle according to its kind, and everything that creeps on the earth according to its kind. And God saw that it was good”

God also blessed his creation.

Genesis 1:28 ~ Then God blessed them, and God said to them, Be fruitful and multiply; fill the earth and subdue it…”

The entire day yesterday my excitement and anticipation kept growing and growing because I wanted to see this baby goat fill the earth with its goodness. I can just imagine what Mary and Joseph went through; the excitement they felt in carrying a Son that (they didn’t know yet until an Angel told them), but would take away each and every person’s sin. With all His love for us He held it upon that Cross and on His shoulders. He is so Good. His love for us is so good. His beauty is so good.

Let’s not take His creation for granted friends. What we see, enjoy and most of all live on is from Him. So to Him belongs all glory. To Him belongs all thanks for the goodness that He has given us to serve and spread to all those who need to hear His name.

The Jachens family, you guys rock!! Thanks for letting us come to your home and spend time with the triplets. We will never forget it ❤



Welcome to my Kitchen!!

It’s been awhile since I posted about my cooking so here it is!!! I’m really excited to share with you what has been making my kitchen super messy haha!!

Since I’ve been married I started getting busy in the kitchen and to be honest I am really slow at cooking…I don’t want to undercook anything but I guess that’s the whole part of learning the ins and outs.

In the next couple weeks, the hubby and I will be doing a 30day challenge with our friends called Whole30. It is where you completely take dairy, grain, sugars out of your diet. All you can eat is veggies, fruits (Moderation), potatoes (preferably sweet potatoes) & meats. CRAZY right??? It’s a really hard challenge but it is a great way to cleanse your system and of course shed a few pounds in the process.

So in order to get ready for this challenge I’ve been practicing some healthy meals but also just putting more veggies in our diet since we were lacking that for the first few months!!

Check it out 🙂


We love Eggs!!! But a yummy simple breakfast 🙂


Red Peppers!!!


Red Peppers with Rice…


Then add the Sweet Potatoes on Top 🙂


Carrots and Green Bean Stir-fry!!!


Mango Salad 🙂


Baked Red Potatoes 🙂


Love Shrimp!!!!


Coconut Shrimp!! Yum 🙂


Sweet Potatoes with Bacon & Pears!! (A friend inspired recipe)


Baked Zucchini!! Sooo Good!!! (Also a friend inspired recipe)


Baked Cauliflower Rice!!! Just grind up some cauliflower and voilaaaaa 🙂


Homemade Chilli!!! So Delicious!!! 🙂


Why Should I Fear?

I’ve been feeling really burdened lately but I’m still figuring out what that burden is. Funny eh? Well that’s where your prayers come in. I’m an open book, I don’t know if that’s a bad thing or I trust people too easily with things that excite me, or make me sad, or personal struggles I battle with all the time.

I have a conflict. That conflict is Fear.

Today I was really convicted by the message given at Church. The speaker spoke about Fear, Missions, going out of our comfort zone, etc. But the one thing that really stood out out of everything he spoke about was FEAR.

I was so fearful about getting married at the age of 22, was I ready for it? That’s fear.

I was fearful about moving to Georgia with only two months of notice, will people accept us? That’s fear.

I am fearful of if I get my green card or not; my visiting visa ends in march and we still haven’t received our marriage certificate. If we don’t get it in time, I will have to go back to Canada without my husband. That’s fear.

In order to work in the States, I have to pass an exam, which I’ve failed twice already. Will I pass again? That’s fear.

I have a desire for children, but I have PCOS (Poly-cystic ovarian syndrome, it’s been about 8 years since I’ve been dealing with it). Doctors have said that having a child will be difficult or I may not have one at all. That’s fear.

My husband and I have a heart for missions. The mindset is wherever we are living it will always be a mission field. The fear is, God where are you taking us next. I love Georgia and I don’t want to leave anytime soon. We desire a home here, we love our church here, our family has gotten bigger. But I’m still fearful.

Fear is hard and it entraps every part of our being if we let it. It’s our human nature to fear of the unknown. However here is our hope. Jesus.

The Speaker spoke about a missionary couple that served in China several, several years ago. Their name was John and Betty Stam. They were very young when they went but this was the mindset of Betty before going to China.

“Lord, I give up all my own purposes and plans, all my own desires and hopes and ambitions, and accept Thy will for my life. I give myself, my life, my all utterly to Thee, to be Thine forever.” ~ Betty Stam

As believers do we have that same attitude as Betty did? I know I don’t or if anything I lack it A LOT.

We have lots of ambitions and desires for our life and as you can see most of my fears are pretty earthly which should never be the case. Wherever God places us we have to diligently work hard and strive to serve Christ every minute of every day bringing Glory to his name. It comes with a lot of sacrifice too.

If I do my part here in Augusta, Georgia with all love for my Lord I know that he will reveal his plans for my family. I have no reason to fear. My God is good and he will continue to be good to me whatever the outcome of life may be.

“Whom have I in heaven but You? And there is none upon earth that I desire besides You. My flesh and my heart fail; but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever” ~ Psalm 73:25-26

Don’t be afraid friends, I have a Savior that will take away all those burdens and fears and will make plans beautiful in his time. You can have this free gift too. Surrender your heart to Him and he will Save you.

I’m thankful for friends and family who are a HUGE encouragement to my husband and I. We love you and appreciate the prayers. Continue to pray for us.






A “Sweet” Circle

The hubby and I have been in Augusta officially three months now and it has been a blessing living life here and putting a foundation in our marriage. God is good!!

So I told you guys that I started a photography challenge; so this week’s challenge is about presenting a “Circle”!!

“With this theme, you may go literal, and look for things around you with perfectly round shapes: your wedding bands, the bubbles your daughter blows, the curvy sculptures at your local museum, or the glittery sphere that falls during a New Year’s Eve countdown. It could be whatever you want”

Photography Challenge ~ Circle

Since Ben and I have been in Augusta we have checked out some restaurants and sweet shops!! We have a huge sweet tooth which can always have its consequences haha. Anyways we went to our favorite cupcake shop this weekend; USA TODAY voted #1 place to grab a cupcake (Smallcakes Cupcakery). They are so colorful and have a yummy assortment of flavors. My favorite is Peanut Butter and the hubby’s favorite is German Chocolate. They even have Gluten-Free cupcakes on certain days for those who are gluten-free!!

Going back to my photography challenge; below is my interpretation of a “Sweet” Circle. If you are ever in Augusta, go check this place out 🙂


Cupcakes 2