Canadians in Augusta

This past weekend my family from Canada was able to come up and spend Christmas with the hubby and I. I hadn’t seen them since our wedding which is about 3 months; so I was really excited that they were able to come and spend time with us.

The first night they arrived it was not only nice that they brought goodies for us but that we could just spend time in conversation catching up. I’ve always had a good relationship with my parents, I love being open with them and in return they always give good godly advice. My brother was on his Christmas break too so it was nice that he came down too. Funny thing he has the same name as my hubby so throughout the weekend I kept accidently calling him babe haha. It was quite funny.

Christmas Day was a lot of fun, we spent the morning opening presents and with our best friends having nerf gun wars and yummy gluten free cinnamon buns. Then the rest of the afternoon/evening we spent hanging out and cooking our first Christmas meal. My dad helped with the Ham, but I made a really yummy cornbread recipe (Thanks Jerlin!!), I also made a sweet potato casserole and a pomegranate salad. Everything turned out well!!! (Check out pictures below).

So the highlight of our parent’s visit was surprising them to a cabin up in North Georgia (Blue Ridge Mountains). We spent two nights there, cooked our meals and enjoyed the outdoorsy vibe. It was raining most of the time but we made use of it by playing lots of pool, relaxing in the hot tub, playing air soft in the rain, and we managed to make a campfire for one evening which was fun. (Check out pictures below).

Overall it was a great time and I can’t wait for their next visit. However, I’m most excited to go back to Canada and visit all my family and friends but that will have to be on hold for awhile (Still Awaiting Green Card Status; will save that story for another blog post).

Anywhoo check out some of the pictures of my Canadians in Augusta; and sorry for not blogging sooner…hopefully 2016 will be more consistent. Love you guys and Happy New Year ❤


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