“Everything is Awesome”

I am sooo excited to share this new post with you!!! At least a month ago our closest friends brought to our attention an opportunity to create something for their two boys. Of course without any hesitation the hubby and I said YES haha; we love those two boys with all our heart.

The backstory: Our Church (Martinez Bible Chapel) has Awana for their kids every Wednesday night. So for the last few weeks the church has been collecting toys to donate to the “Toys for Tots” Charity. It has been a great initiative. So this coming Wednesday night is the last night for Awana before the Christmas Holidays, so the kids were asked to dress up as their favorite toy to support this great initiative that the Church is doing.

Sooooo here is the best part…you know that great opportunity to create something?? Well we decided to create costumes for our two favorite boys Judah and Wesley. These boys love Legos; it is their absolute favorite toys. Discretely we asked the boys if they were to be any Lego character which one would they be? Judah said “Superman Lego” and Wesley said “Hulk Lego”.  🙂

The engineer and the recreation therapist (that’s us haha) put our heads together and made a trip out to Lowes/Wal-Mart to grab materials.

We grabbed:

  • Four Large Cardboard Boxes
  • 2 Buckets
  • Package of White Foam/Sponge
  • 2 Yellow Spray Paints
  • 2 Blue Spray Paints
  • 3 Green Spray Paints
  • Red Felt
  • Hot Glue Gun with Glue Sticks
  • Colored Construction Paper

We didn’t have to get too many items because we had quite a bit at the house already. But if you don’t have these items (Stapler, X-Acto knife, Double sided tape & scissors) you will have to get those as well!!

Alright, now let’s get to the good part!!!! Pictures of the entire process!!! I documented everything so hope you guys love it!!! I am so proud of our masterpiece and we are so excited to surprise the boys with them!!!! 🙂 (Eventually we did surprise the boys and they LOVED their costumes…they even sang the Lego Movie Song “Everything is Awesome” ~ See Video Link below)

If you want to know how we went about doing each step don’t hesitate to Msg me and I will gladly help out!! You can definitely hire us for your future costume needs haha!!! (the hubby might not appreciate that last comment haha)

lego inspiration

Our inspiration for the Superman Lego Costume 🙂

lego inspiration2

Our inspiration for the Hulk Lego Costume 🙂

superman symbol

My Superman Symbol!!!

my hulk face

My Hulk Face Grrrrrrrrr

egineer hard at work

The engineer hard at work 🙂

meausring the body

Putting the body together!!

spray paint

The Spray Paint!!!

spray painting buckets

Lego heads being painted!!! Our whole porch is now green haha

circle head

Cut a circle for the head!!!

time to paint 2

Hulk Frame

time to paint

Superman Frame

my hulk face complete

My Hulk Head 🙂

lego heads final

My Superman Head 🙂

our friend mimi goofing off with the lego head

Oh silly Mimi haha

painted bodiesssss

Spray Painting the Lego Body!!! 🙂

getting the cape on

Superman needs his belt !!

final loooook

Putting the accessories on !!


Cape Timeeeeee


I seeeee youuuuu

making muscles on hulk

Hulk Muscles hehe

hes glowing

He’s glowinggggg

lego handssssss

Legooo Hands!!!

lego hands final

Framework Lego Hands

hulk hands

Spray Painting Hulk Hands 🙂

superman hands

Spray Painting Superman Hands!!! (We were totally high off of fumes)


wesssyyy hulk


judahhhh superman


attack aunty brittany

Attack Aunt Brittany!!!!!

love these boys

We enjoyed doing this for our two favorite boys!!! ❤

they look awesome

“Everything is Awesome”


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