Cooking 101

Since I moved out here to Augusta my family has been in deep shock that I cook…well somebody has to haha. However, my family knows me too well, I don’t enjoy cooking at all.  I never had an interest while living at home, didn’t care to learn about Indian dishes that my mom made; just wasn’t a fan as you can tell. My family always made the joke that I would be living off of sandwiches for the rest of my life. Well little did they know…I’m slowly proving them wrong.

Being married for a couple of months has taught me a few things but most of all it’s taught me that a man’s heart is through his stomach or at least I think that’s how the saying goes. Well long story short, I’m doing my best!! In these last two months, I’ve cooked pasta, learned to cook beef, made chicken breast, made homemade nachos, attempted a green bean casserole (proud to say it tasted very good), grilled salmon and peaches and have made tons and tons of salad.

I’ve even joked that once kids come in the picture I will not cook this fancy. However, I am glad to say I’ve enjoyed trying to cook new things and I’m thankful for a husband who enjoys them and eats every last bite even if it’s not his favorite.

I can also thank the Lord for his wonderful mercies in giving me the push (I needed) to feed my husband and I more than just sandwiches haha. If you want the ingredients to any of the dishes pictured below, comment and I will gladly send them your way!! (This doesn’t end the cooking adventures…more posts in the future so expect them)


Spicy Red Potatoes with Tangerines

green beans

Green Bean Casserole with Bacon, Almonds & Onion

chicken breast

Chicken Breast with Tomato Basil Rice and Pomegranate Salad


Grilled Salmon & Peaches


Grilled Salmon with Spicy Red Potatoes


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